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Silver M 60

November the 18th meet Liverpool based fresh blood - Lewis Latham to deliver his single release to Silver M!

"Die Kraft" is all about hard hitting, rumbling kick drums and a throwback to the past with the sounds of Quadrophony through the T99 Anasthasia. The groove that will have your fists pumping the air, destined to be a hit.

During the creation of Die Kraft I was totally inspired by the many techno tracks out there with hard hitting clicky drums. The kick drum on this track was one thing I knew I had to nail of which I think I did. I also wanted to create a sense of dynamic space with this track, bringing elements forward and back to engage the listener a lot more like I have seen through Fatima's tracks. Also, Fatima is a great inspiration for me and I have followed her for years and been a very big fan of the harder style she has been producing this past year, always full of energy.

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