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Fatima Hajji launches Silver M her new record label and what a better way to baptize the record label than with this debut EP "SLV MOON" due to be released on the 16th of December. Following the success of the events she's been organizing it was only natural to take the same concept and create her very own imprint.

On this debut 5 track EP, Fatima reflects her DJ techniques with her production skills and treats us with an energetic, heavy hitting, dance floor filler with the track "SLV", it's something that really gets you up and moving. With her second track "MOON" she shows a completely different side a refined, groovy sound, a great track to add to any set.

On remix duties Frankyeffe and TecHouzer provide two completely different takes on the track "Moon". Frankyeffe gives us a dark, techno-roller with a nice acid touch, sure to be a hit in the clubs. While TecHouzer serves us a groovy, percussive, full of flavor, tech-house banger.

And last but not least Alberto Ruiz completes the EP with his dark, industrial, no nonsense techno, remix of the track "SLV".

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