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First of all happy new year to everyone! Fatima Hajji is kicking off 2017 with another huge release on her record label Silver M. This is the second release on the label another 5 track EP full of peak time dancefloor fillers. 

"Silence EP" is due to be released on the 20th of January and includes 2 original pieces from Fatima. The track "Silence" is a high-energy no-nonsense techno banger, a real crowd-pleaser sure to get the darkest clubs in Europe moving. Her second track "TLOK" is a fun, energetic, groover that will bring a smile to anyone dancing to it.

On remix duties David Temessi and Marla Singer provide two different approaches to the track "Silence", David Temessi is a great example of the phrase "less is more" his remix is subtle but packs a nice punch giving the track a more industrial harder feel. Marla Singer takes a completely different approach transforming the original, adding his personal touch, a great remix with some classy personality. Finishing off the EP with a bang is Karretero with his stripped down remix of "TLOK" an absolute techno stomper.

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