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The chosen date for Fatima Hajji's next time bomb of a release, which by the way is her 3rd consecutive release in her own home Silver M is the 31st of March. It is an EP composed of four cuts, two originals, and two remixes (D-Unity, Hollen), the title "Ghost".

The track that opens Pandora's box is the track that lends its name to this new discography work: "Ghost". A pure muscle cut. A Sonic Wall of six minutes of intensity and darkness. Perfect to light up any self-respecting techno loving dance floor. On this occasion Fátima has managed to find the perfect balance between hard-hitting energetic drums and breaks with moments of silence that are short, tricking you into a false sense of knowing what's going to happen and then getting smacked right in the face with rhythm..

The EP follows up with "ZAA" where we discover the sympathy the artist feels for the Groove generated by cyclic samples. Vocal samples and synthesized bass sequences that repeat from start to finish.

On remixing duty first of all we find D-unity's take on "Ghost". What really stands out on this track is the teasing, turbulent and super solid kick; it's an impeccable piece of raw-techno.

Closing the pack is Hollen with his re-work of "ZAA"; Contemporary, fireproof and mental.

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