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Frankyeffe is back on SILVERM with a bang after previously editing a killer remix for Fatima Hajji's track 'Moon', he's presented his first original EP on the label and boy is it a banger. Frankyeffe is so hot right now editing on some of the biggest labels of the moment like Terminal M and Tronic, we feel honored to publish this EP due to be released on the 26th of May.

He kick's off the EP with 'Countdown' a slow building, moody, techno stomper and once it hits it's climax is sure to tear the roof of any venue. Next up is 'Crowd' a slightly more groovy with a hypnotic arpeggio that carries out through the whole track taking the listener on a trip to planet techno.

On remixing duties first up is Tony Dee with a fresh take on the track 'Countdown' adding a harder, darker, industrial sound this one's definitely gonna be a destroyer on the dancefloor. Finishing up this EP is the label head honcho Fatima Hajji, with her remix of 'Crowd' a ball of energy sure to inject a boost of adrenaline into any set, groovy, fun and high-quality techno.

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