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For the fifth reference on Silver M, making his debut on Silver M, the talented Fabio Neural having published on huge labels like Bush Recordings and Intec, we have the pleasure of presenting his first EP on Silver M, 'Silver Surfer EP', a beautifully balanced EP of power and elegance.

Fabio Neural kicks off the EP with 'Silver Surfer' gliding onto the label like the superhero with this huge track, high energy, pumping techno, what's not to like?

Following it up we have 'Revolution Dub' as soon as this track starts you just know it's going to set the dancefloor on fire. Heavy Industrial sounds composed elegantly with the hypnotic acid touch that really makes this track stand out. A perfect balance of power and elegance.

Don't be surprised to see great things from this talented producer, we're pleased to have him on board at Silver M.

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